Gretas guide till galaxen

Gretas guide till galaxen – Greta’s Guide to the Galaxy

Filmaffisch till filmen Gretas guide till galaxen med ljudproduktion av Auditory

Sound Post Studio – Auditory
Supervising Sound Editor – Lars Wignell
Dialogue Editing – Lars Wignell
Sound Editing – Lars Wignell
Foley – Lars Wignell
Re-Recording – Lars Wignell

Film Info
Genre – Feature – Documentary
Lenght – 73 min
Year – 2016
Director – Astrid Askberger
Producer – Kristina Meiton
Production company – MigDig


Greta has escaped her family and moved across the US. She is living in an open relationship with ”the love of her life” Matt. We are following Greta for 15 years in a personal story about change, reconciliation and the struggle to live your life as freely as possible.