Filmaffisch till filmen Kalasa

Sound Post Studio – Auditory
Supervising Sound Editor – Gustaf Berger
Dialogue Editing – Gustaf Berger
ADR Recordist – Gustaf Berger
Sound Editing – Lars Wignell, Gustaf Berger
Foley – Lars Wignell, Gustaf Berger
Re-Recording – Gustaf Berger


Film Info
Genre – Short – Drama
Lenght – 14 min
Year – 2015
Director – Mats Adler
Producer – Jon Wigfield
Production company – Film Väst


Three classmates are out, celebrating Maja’s birthday. Her best friend, Ida, drops by with the sole intention of saying Hi and then leave. The others, however, talk her into staying. At first, Ida finds it surprisingly easy to get drawn into their collective rush. But in the midst of it all, loneliness starts to creep back in.