Utopia large
Location Sound – Auditory
Sound Recordist – Gustaf Berger
Boom Operator – Eric Guslén


Sound Post Studio – Auditory
Dialogue Editing – Gustaf Berger
Re-recording – Gustaf Berger


Film Info
Genre – TV-Theatre
Lenght – 90 min
Year – 2013
Director – Fredrik Egerstrand & Mattias Andersson
Producer – Fredrik Egerstrand
Production company – SVT & Egerstrand&Blund

Short Synopsis

When were you last in paradise?
Alcohol, Mephedrone, Ketamine, Cocaine, Tramadol, GHB, Atarax, Spice. What is the most beautiful experience you´ve had on drugs? What does the future dream society looks like? Interviews with young people from Gothenburg clash with 16th century classic Utopia, the book about the island where there is always justice, happiness, peace and harmony. 14 actors, 4 musicians and 800 squaremeters scene turns into contemporary tv-theatre.